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The Colorful Canvas Shoes of Wakai

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
17, February 2016

Passing through this store in Cilandak Town Square, you will smell a certain aroma of black musk from the outlet. Yup, the aroma is the signature smell from the Japanese-design shoe store Wakai. Although the design is taken from Japan, but the brand is originally came from and produced in Indonesia. That is why you will find the words “Made of Japan” instead of “Made in Japan”.

Besides the various colors of the shoes, they are also comfortable to wear. The model is simple and a fit for both men and women, which the youth likes. The name Wakai was taken from the phrase ‘Wakai Raifustairu’ which means the youth lifestyle. Wakai shoes suits for a casual walk and still stylish.

For ladies, Wakai offers more types, such as flat shoes and wedges that are as comfortable. Wakai has been collaborating with designers or launching special editions of unique characters, such as the Peanuts cartoon, which added more cheerfulness to the shoe design. Not only shoes, Wakai also sells other fashion items such as hat, bag and clothing. Do you want to add your shoes collection?

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono