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The Culture Heritage of Indonesia in Museum Nusantara Sejarah Alam Indonesia

The Culture Heritage of Indonesia in Museum Nusantara Sejarah Alam Indonesia

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We all know Indonesia rich in natural resources and culture. You can see it from every tribes who create the amount of craftings which made from its natural resources. 

At the same time, you can see variety of art creations and original tribes tools at a museum in Bogor. The museum called Museum Nasional Sejarah Alam Indonesia (Indonesia National Museum of the History of Natural Resources). Indonesia National Museum of the History of Natural Resources is only 500 metres from Bogor Station.

The museum manage by Indonesia Organisation of Scientific (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/LIPI), located just right beside the main gate of Bogor Palace (Istana Bogor). No traffics to reach this place, it would be easier if you use commuter line and stop at Bogor Station. 

Like LIPI's other museums, when you come inside the museum, it feels full of knowledge and science. If you still don't know what is Etnobotany is, maybe it can be feel confusing. But once you understand it, it turns out quite unique, and very close with the social life. 

 Photo Source: https://www.kemdikbud.go.id/

When the first time you come in, you will see the introduction zones. The museum also have Etnobotany collections. In this zone you can know how primordial man survive because they want to compromise with nature.  

You will see different wall colors in here. Each one of color shows collections zone, start from artistic zone, medicine zone,  food and beverages zone, until tools zone. All of the collections were made by origanal tribes in all  over Indonesia for hundred of years ago.

In food and beverages zone, you can see food and drinks which made from the nature. One unique thing from this place is the of variety food and beverages from many etnics, start from bandrek, wedang jahe, uwuh, sekoteng, and many more.

You can see other collections like tools zone where they put household tools collection from the tribes. There is a side wall where show 13 spoons for rice from different tribes. 

One of the visitors favorite window is the woven window. It has cloth weaving collections which come from every regions in the country, like Nusa Tenggara Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Jepara, Badui, etc.

Besides that, of course there are still many collections and creations made by the tribes in Indonesia. The ticket price to Museum Nasional Sejarah Alam Indonesia only Rp5.000 per person.



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