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The Delicious Roa Manado

The Delicious Roa Manado

Cafe & Resto Senin-Minggu 10.00-22.00 WIB

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Manado cuisine, or Minahasan cuisine, is known for its spicy taste and rich of seasonings. For you who are the spicy food lovers, this North Sulawesi dish will suit your appetite. If you are looking for a Minahasan restaurant in South Jakarta, Roa Manado will be the right choice for you to eat. The place is located nearby Pasar Santa, and exactly right next to Mandala Restaurant. You will feel the comfortable, clean, and homey ambience here.

The must try menu here is Roa Manado, with the spiciness level from one to three. Or you can also try the Cakalang fish, also with the spicy level from one to three, Ayam Woku (chicken cooked with woku spice), Tumis Bunga Daun Pepaya (stir fried vegetable cuisine made of papaya flower), Tumis Daun Papaya dan Melinjo (stir fried papaya leaves), and many more. You can also taste the well-known Manado Porridge here. If you order the buffet menu, make sure you try the dabu-dabu chili sauce, you will love it since it’s a must try for Minahasan cuisine!

For the snacks, there are various kinds of Manadonese traditional snacks such as Lalampa, Panada, Cucur, Panekuk, Koyabu, and Klaapertart. Many people make this place as their favorite spot to have a delicious and spicy Minahasan cuisine. Besides its friendly service, of course this place is so recommended for you who like spicy food!


Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 78, Senopati


+62 21 72797015

Operational Hours

Senin-Minggu 10.00-22.00 WIB