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The Delicious Rotisserie Chicken and Omelette a la Chicken & Egg

The Delicious Rotisserie Chicken and Omelette a la Chicken & Egg

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If you are around Cilandak Town Square and it’s already the hungry hour, you can come to Chicken & Egg restaurant. First opened in May 2013, Chicken & Egg is one of the restaurants under the management of PT Creative Food, which is still the same group with Gading Food that is famous with the Fish N’ Co and Marutama Ramen restaurants. With capacity of 120 people, this restaurant offers variation of chicken and egg menus with Indonesian and Western styles. For the chicken, they use the free-range chicken that is free from drugs and believed to have higher nutrition than the broiler chickens.

At Chicken & Egg, the chickens are marinated in sauce for 48 hours and grilled with rotisserie in vertical position to get the dry meat texture but still juicy. Hmmm… brilliant! You can choose the sauce options, such as Spit-Roasted Indonesian Spiced Chicken, Spit-Roasted Lime & Chili Chicken, or Spit-Roasted Honey Chicken that you can order either full or half portion. You can choose the side dishes between mashed potato, butter rice, or French fries. For the eggs, you can try the omelette served in various style from around the world, like Indonesian Omelette that covers fried rice, Spanish Omelette served with tortilla, Italian Omelette with mozzarella cheese, tomato, and oregano powder, Mexican, and also Swiss Omelette. Try their other menus such as thin crispy pizza with various toppings, salad, pasta, steak, fried rice, and snacks. Enjoy the delicacies!


CIlandak Town Square, Ground Floor - Unit 012-014-016 Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav.17 Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan 12430



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