The Difference Between Full-Service and Self-Service Restaurant

The Difference Between Full-Service and Self-Service Restaurant


On April 2017, social media had viral about Indonesian tourists bad behavior who did not clean their table after ate at a restaurant in Japan. This may seems usual in Indonesia, but, some restaurant in Japan, had applied self-service concept. This concept requires customer to serve themselves, start from ordering, take the food, to clean the table. Most of restaurant waiters in Indonesia still serving the customers, even clearing up the table.

Restaurant service concepts divided into full-service and self-service.

Full-service restaurant serve costumers from reservation process and welcoming costumers in front of restaurant. The waitress will preparing and leading them to their prepared table. When the costumer want to order, they just have to call the waitress. The presentation process also serving by the restaurant, in this case the waitress will bring your food and drink to your table.

It is totally different with self-service concept. In Indonesia, food court is usually applied this concept. The costumers will ordering for foods and drinks at special counter. After that, costumers have to find an empty table by themselves.

But, in Indonesia the waitress still clean the table when costumers had finished their food. Even some costumers just let their rest of the food on the table.

Different case with self service restaurant in abroad, no one will take care the table after the costumer left. This is what generally had forgotten by Indonesian tourists when they eat at self-service restaurant in abroad.