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Lapau Nasi Kapau and Padang Restaurant, What's the Difference?

By Isny Dewi R

12 November 2020

Lapau Nasi Kapau and Rumah Makan Padang have some differences.

Photo source: Twitter @drhaltekehalte
Although these two food stalls both come from West Sumatra, it turns out that Lapau Nasi Kapau and Rumah Makan Padang have some differences. Launching the webinar session Perjalanan Rantau: Lapau Nagari Kapau” held by Aksara Pangan, on Thursday (22/10/20), Reno Andam Suri, author of the book Rendang Traveler dan Rendang: Minang Legacy to the World explains what these differences are.
1. Food Layout
At Padang restaurant, side dishes are piled up in a glass window. Meanwhile, in Lapau Nasi Kapau, the food is arranged in stages on a big table placed in front.
“At Padang restaurant, the display above is for dry side dishes. Then the soup is put on the bottom. If we go to the kapau rice seller, the soup is in front,” said Reno.
In lapau nasi kapau, sellers stand behind food containers, opposite customers. Sellers usually use a long spoon to take the soup in front of the customers, because it is a bit far to reach it. The purpose of the food menu being placed lower in front of the seller is so that customers can look around and choose side dishes easily.
Unlike Padang restaurant, customers have to look up a little because the food menu is stacked up.

2. How to Order
If you go to a Padang restaurant, usually customers will sit down first. After that, the waiter will go to the customer's table to take the order or carry a pile of small plates in hand. While in Lapau Nasi Kapau, customer immediately chooses food and orders food from the seller. Then the side dishes will be served immediately and arranged on the plate. The model is like rames rice.
“The starter pack usually consists of rice and there must be broth. Then we just have to choose what we want,” said Reno.
3. Types of Food
There are several dishes that you can only find in lapau nasi kapau. For example rendang daka-daka, tambusu curry, ikan mas bertelur, and kapau curry.

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