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The First Fire Museum in Indonesia

By Isny Dewi R

27 March 2019

TMII Damkar Museum is the first fire museum in Indonesia.

Do you know that the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII) is not only home to dozens miniature buildings, but also a place for Fire Museum? Until now the museum has been mentioned as the only firefighting museum, as well as the first in Indonesia. You can find this museum near the TMII gate and integrated with TMII Sector 9 Fire Station which is still active as a fire station. The Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service Agency built this museum on 1 Maret 2015.

To get to Damkar Museum, you can use Transjakarta. The closest bus stop to TMII is the Taman Mini Garuda Transjakarta Bus Stop. You can pass through gate 1 to continue your trip to the museum. Enter the museum is free. You only need to pay Rp 20.000 to enter the TMII area. From the TMII gate, you can use a rabbit train by paying Rp 10,000 which is usually used to surround TMII. Or you can also rent a bicycle only Rp 15,000 per hour.

From the outside, the Damkar Museum looks the same as a fire station in general. The two-storey museum is dominated by red and blue. Sejumlah kendaraan pemadam kebakaran terparkir di halaman museum. Several fire trucks are parked in the museum yard. One of them that is very interesting is a red car without a roof with a large tank behind it. The car was used by the Jakarta fire department from 1969 until around 2006.

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Entering museum, you will be amazed to see the old model fire extinguisher helmets on a table and surrounded by a pile of nozzles or tools to spray water. On the right and left side of the museum there are firefighting equipment over 20 years.

No less interesting, there is an ancient trumpet that was used by the firefighting music corps. Also displayed old bells that were used as a substitute for alarms. Historical photographs of ancient firefighters were also displayed on the walls of the museum.

The museum is often visited by students from many schools. You can also invite your children to visit Damkar Museum to introduce them to the history of firefighting in Indonesia.

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