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The Front Room, The New Hangout Place in Senopati to Unwind

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27, February 2020

The culinary and night entertainment business in Jakarta is more lively with the arrival of this newcomer. Offering a sensational taste and warm space, The Front Room comes as a full-service restaurant and boutique bar. The offerings are inspired by parts of Asia, Europe and America. The Front Room serves a variety of menus with high taste.

"In a warm and comfortable feel, we want to bring our guests to be able to feel the pleasure of an intimate dinner, or spend time in casual chats or just enjoy time while reading a book," said Widji Darmawan, Founder of The Front Room.

In addition, The Front Room also offers fresh cocktail concoctions that can be enjoyed amidst the charm and modern feel of the classic interior of the room. The restaurant and bar located on Jalan Suryo No. 23 in South Jakarta is also enhanced by eye-catching decorations.

Carrying the concept of Asian-Western Comfort Food and A Fine Taste of Favor, The Front Room was born with the warmth of space and the rich taste of cuisine. By processing the dish from quality ingredients, healthy, and always fresh, this bistro and bar serves dishes prepared by professional and talented chefs.

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"Taste is king. We give priority to appetizing taste. The Front Room presents a list of local specialties such as fried rice which is a combination of Jasmine rice, beef tongue, garlic, shallots, basil, nam prik pao, fish sauce and international dinners such as Bagna Cauda (A "hot bath" of anchovies, garlic, olive oil, vegetable sticks), "said Gerardo Milan, Head Chef of The Front Room.

Some menus that you can try at The Front Room such as Orecchiette (Rp. 105 thousand), homemade pasta with anchovies, sardines, basil, onion, garlic, and chili. Or if you want to enjoy a warm meal, you can try Cioppino (Rp. 90 thousand), a dish containing shrimp, shellfish, fish, tomatoes, and wine brot.

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The Front Room, which is always open until midnight, is perfect as a place to escape to unwind after a day of work, while hanging out with closest friends. Don't forget to order House-crafted Cocktails to add to your evening excitement at this hangout spot like Gin Sour, Dirty Martini, Tom Collins, Spicy Bourbonade, and more.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.