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The Fun of Rock Climbing at Bremgra Indoor Climbing Gym

The Fun of Rock Climbing at Bremgra Indoor Climbing Gym

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Rock climbing is one of the adrenaline pumping exercise. By the help of rope, stones, and other safety tools, you have to reach the top without falling. Actually, this is an exercise done in nature open space. But if you haven’t been that brave to try the real rock climbing, you can try wall climbing instead. One of the spots to try wall climbing in Indonesia is at Bremgra Indoor Climbing Gym. You can guess by the name that this is an indoor arena. So you will still feel comfortable although sweating from this activity.

Bremgra offers 39 climbing bars with rope, with 99 routes to the peak on the area 538 m2. Each route has their own obstacles to challenge the player. The cliff type is not just another cliff, but it is made by Walltopia, one of the best rock climbing structure makers in the world which is based in Bulgaria and has operated in many countries, including Indonesia. Of course this arena is safe for children so you can take the kids to have fun here. Bremgra Indoor Climbing Gym will definitely add your recreation spot recommendation! For more info, you contact Bremgra through the info and contact detail column below.


Jl. Raya Cilenggang 123, Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia



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