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The Hidden Gem, New Instagrammable Restaurant in Panglima Polim

By Eskanisa R

01 December 2020

Good ambiance and meals, worth the price.

Photo source: thesabhouse

Here is another hidden gem in South Jakarta you can visit to enjoy pleasant breakfast or filling lunch before going back to work. After got spotlight on TikTok, The SAB House Jakarta giving a different comfortable experience similarly having comfort meals at your own home.
Upon entering the magnificent building, you are greeted by welcoming staff trained in safety protocol. This restaurant in Panglima Polim such a good place to hangout or just enjoying your me time while take delight of fresh, high-quality, homemade bakeries like Pain au Poulet with Truffle Béchamel, Mocca Nougat, Les Éclairs or Chocolate Cookies.

Photo source: thesabhouse
Other than bakeries, The SAB House also preparing delicious comfort food like Green Rice, BBQ Spare Ribs with Baked Potatoes & Mixed Fresh Salad, African Chicken with Plaintains, Potato Soup & White Rice and Ayam Rica-rica served with aromatic urap and melinjo crackers.

Photo source: thesabhouse

You can see barista make perfect drinks behind the bar including Aren Iced Coffee, Cappuccino or Long Black Latte for coffee enthusiats and Iced Calamansi or Honey Lemon Tea for non-coffee enthusiasts to cleanse your palate after eating a large meal.

Photo source: thesabhouse
Surrounded by mist, beautiful plants, definitely make a more festive atmosphere that will enhance the dining experience. In addition to indoor plants, we will mention about beautiful mural to snap a selfie. Also, strong touch of wood and marble furniture create the impression of a modern minimalist design. No wonder, this one of the most Instagrammable spots in Jakarta usually get crowded during weekend.

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The SAB House Jakarta
Jl. Panglma Polim V No. 6A

Open Hours:

10.00 – 18.00 WIB (Selasa – Jumat), 08.00 – 20.00 WIB (Sabtu & Minggu)

More Information:

Phone: 081388220784