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The Latest Netflix Series You Should Watch

By Eskanisa R

28 May 2020

These serial keep your existence of Large-Scale Social Restriction more fun.

Calling for all Netflix enthusiasts, there latest series you should add to “My List” now!

1. Snowpiercer

Make sure within your list, there is another masterpiece from Bong Joon-ho which popular through his “Parasite”, Snowpiercer. This latest series on Netflix was adapted from novel Le Transperceneige which tells about world while entering an ice age and turned into a frozen desert. Lucky people live in a train with 1,001 carriages without make any stop, just spinning around. In the train, there are classes for lower and upper class. Social gap made a conflict between classes. Those people do everything possible in order to survive. Snowpiercer starred a series of big names such as Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, and Mickey Sumner.

2. White Lines

The epic collaboration of Nick Hamm as a director and Álex Pina as screenwriter made White Line as another worthy serial to binge-watching during #stayathome. White Lines tells a story of woman named Zoe Walker who already has many questions about her missing brother in Ibiza, Spain. To find the answer behind her missing brother, she decided to come back to Ibiza. While seeking the answer and truth, Zoe has to deal with dangerous people.

3. Bordertown Season 3

Bordertown is a crime series that seems so real. The successful of two previous seasons definitely made this new season become one of most-awaited crime series should be enjoyed. Not only shows brilliant tactic of the main actor as a chief investigator while uncovering series of murder cases, but also gives touching family drama.

Tells about Kari Sorjonen, a chief investigator trying to find some piece after decided move to a small town on the border between Finland and Russia with his family. Unfortunately he failed to find peace that he looking for because of trauma of too many murder cases he were settled. Instead, he facing possibility of new serial killer who might have connection with his own family.

4. Into the Night

This Belgian sci-fi series, Into the Night tells story of a group strangers who tried to save their lives from the last day of the world’s existence by hijacking an airplane and tell crews to fly to the West. They believe the sun which actually rises in the East contaminated and can kill all of them. Therefore, they decided to avoid sun’s rays and go to the West.

5. Control Z

Aired on May 22th, Control Z tells about a hacker who put the device (laptop) into action and hacking innocent group of teenagers at school. Started with a teenager named Sofia who got a mysterious message on a laptop which told her to expose the secrets of the students in front of the entire school. She has no choice rather than do the order to keep her secrets safe. It definitely triggering suspicion among students and leading to fight. Can Sofia expose the hacker?



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