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The Lorry Makes Your Move Home or Business Easy

By Eskanisa R

23 January 2020

The Lorry, application for your move home or business starts from Rp85.000.

Nowadays, technology successfully makes people easy to do their daily activities. No exception when you need to move your home or business. Thanks to The Lorry, you are no longer need other moving services.

The Lorry is a service start up specifically for moving services, both home or business (like office), and so forth. You can order The Lorry through their website or download the application on Google Play Store and App Store.

Right after you open the application, you can immediately write the first address where you need stuffs to be picked, then write the destination address, and finally check the price. The Lorry starts from Rp85.000 (terms and condition apply). The farther distance, the more expensive it costs, specifically when you need more people to help (assistance).

They offer a lot of vehicle selections like pick-ups, boxes pick-ups, vans and other. You can also enjoy discount up to 30% for your first order. Click here to find out more information about The Lorry.



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