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The Most Frequent Reasons Why Ojol Customers Cancel Orders

By Isny Dewi R

19 June 2019

Reasons why Ojol customers cancel their trips.

In online transportation services, order or trip cancellation by customers are commonplace. Even the cancellation feature is provided by the applicator, along with the reason why customers want to cancel the trip. But starting June 17, one of the online transportation services, Grab, has imposed a fine trial for customers cancelling trip.

This policy then gets a lot of negative responses from customers, because it is considered detrimental. Because there are certain reasons why customers cancel their trips. Even often, ojol (online motorcycle taxi) drivers ask customers to cancel the trip. Customers feel they have strong and important reasons to cancel the trip. Following are the reasons most often why online motorcycle taxi customers cancel their trips.

1. Driver Location is Far Away
The most common reason is the driver position far from the pickup point. This will make the driver long enough to get to the customer pickup point. Customers who are in a hurry will usually choose to cancel the trip.

2. Driver Request
Ojol customers are also often done because of driver requests. The driver has taken the order, but asks the customer to cancel the order for various reasons. Starting from the reason of distance, the motorbike is suddenly broken, until the driver is busy drinking coffee. In fact, not infrequently, customers are asked to fill out the reasons for cancellation with certain reasons that do not harm the driver. For example, customers are asked by reason of changing the route so that it seems as if the cancellation was done because of the customer's initiative, when in fact it was at the request of the ojol driver.

3. Unresponsive
This also often happened, the cancellation had to be done because the driver could not be contacted, even though the order had been taken. Usually when a customer sends a message, the driver does not reply it. In fact, not infrequently, when customer try to call the driver, the number is not active. Instead of waiting for certainty of unclear driver whether they want to pick up or not, the customer was forced to cancel it.

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