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The New 3D Museum in Kota Tua

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
09, January 2019

The new coolest thing just arrived in Kota Tua Jakarta. A tourist attraction famous for its many old colonial-style buildings is now increasingly exciting with the presence of a SD museum. Visitors who come here can also be satisfied to take pictures with unique background paintings.

Magic Art 3D Museum Kotatua just opened last December at Kerta Niaga 1 Building, Kota Tua, West Jakarta. The newest 3D museum area in Jakarta itself is quite extensive and has various rooms that contain 3D illusionary art. About 100 paintings here are hand-painted by Korean and Indonesian painters. About nine painters made 100 pictures in three months. Six of them are Korean painters, while the three are Indonesian painters.

The paintings are divided according to zones scattered in various museum rooms. These zones include Zona Lukisan, Zona Rutinitas, Zona Petualangan Zona Laut, Zona Satwa, Zona Dinosaurus, and Zona Horror.

Photo Source: @magicartjakarta_kotatua

After buying a ticket, the museum clerk will direct you to the locker room, because visitors are asked to change their footwears with provided slippers. One very interesting zone at Magic Art 3D Museum Kotatua is Zona Lukisan. There are various famous paintings with 3D illusion that have been modified in such a way. You are free to take pictures with any painting.

In order to get the best photos and look very unique, there is a sign on the floor on the front side of each painting. This sign is a benchmark for the photographer to stand. There are also photos and styles example in each painting that you can follow.

If you are still confused about choosing the right angle, there are officers who are ready to help photograph you. For example, there is a painting with pearl shells underneath it, with a sitting position, the right pose and angle, your photos will look like you are inside the pearl shells.

Besides photos with 3D paintings, there are also additional rooms for those wanting unique photos, Ames Room, Mirror Room, Optical Chair and more. If you want to do something more exciting, try the Mirror Maze, where there is a maze surrounded by glass and try to find a way out.

To entering Magic Art 3D Museum Kotatua, you have to pay the ticket fee at Rp 60,000 for adults, Rp 40,000 for students and free for 4 years old children and under.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.