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The #NewNormal Essential, Jovi, Vivo’s V19 Personal Assistant

By Eskanisa R

07 July 2020

Helpful features of Jovi Smart Scene to keep your body healthy.

Sumber foto: Gadget NDTV
Welcoming the #NewNormal, people are still required to complete healthy lifestyle to keep their body fit. Go with other smartphones with abundant features in this era, Vivo V19 comes with virtual assistant—Jovi Smart Scene—to help monitor your daily activities. This new virtual assistant equipped with artificial intelligence to notice users’ habits then apply them in form of reminders from the simplest to complex ones as listed down below.

1. Hydration Feature
Jovi reminds users to get healthier and have more energy through drink more water. Jovi sets daily target to ensure users drink enough water every day.

2. Exercise Program
Jovi recommends daily and weekly light exercise (walking) targets based on height and weight to get healthier body. This feature also recorded and evaluated routinely.

3. Screen Time
Jovi provides a detailed information to users how long they use the phone and what most used applications as well as duration of each most used or accessed applications.

4. Eye Protection
Jovi maximizes this feature to adjust visual colours for screen as well as remind users to take a break while using the phone in a long time.

5. Weather Information
Besides health features, Jovi also provides weather information based on location to ensure users prepare themselves before going outside. To activate this virtual smart assistant, open setting menu on your Vivo V19 and click on (activate) on Jovi Smart Scene feature.

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