The Origins of Area’s Name in Jakarta (Part 1)

The Origins of Area’s Name in Jakarta (Part 1)


A name for an area is definitely not just randomly spoken, but also has its own stories. And also for the names of areas in Jakarta. Check this out!

This area is now known for the elite residence in Central Jakarta. There were a lot of menteng trees here so everybody knew it by Kampong Menteng. Since 1912, the Dutch Government opened this forest to be the Dutch’s residence. And then the Menteng name is still used until now.

The place is well-known for affordable books sold here. There is an interesting story behind the name ‘Kwitang’. Long ago, this area was occupied by a rich Chinese landlord, Kwik Tang Kiam. The Betawi people then called the area as Kwitang. So others follow mentioning it until now.

Long ago, this area was owned by a Balinese, Wangsanaya. People who lived nearby called the area as Wangsanayan, which meant a place owned by Wangsanaya. But from time to time, the name was shortened to Senayan.

This place is known for the electronics shopping center in Jakarta. So why is it named Glodok? Glodok comes from a word grojok, means the sound of rushing water falling from a sink. Because there was a reservoir for containing waters from Ciliwung River. When the water runs down, there will be the sound of ‘grojok’. Because the Chinese cannot spell grojok, so then it called Glodok.

This area is well-known as Golden Triangle as it is strategic to office area. There is a history why this place called Kuningan. Long time ago, there was a Prince named Dipati Ewangga or also called Dipati Cangkuang. He was the Commandder of Kuningan City living in the eastern West Java. He was also the follower of Fatahillah who went to Sunda Kelapa to conquer Banten Empire. After conquering Sunda Kelapa and changing the name to Jayakarta (and now known as Jakarta), Dipati Ewangga then stayed in Jayakarta, building a village and named it after his area of origin, Kuningan. The village location is now known as our Kuningan area, the Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said, Pulo, and the surroundings. Even when Dipati Ewangga died, he was also buried here. Since then, Kuningan name is used for Jakarta’s office area.