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The Origins of Area’s Name in Jakarta (Part 2)

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
19, August 2015

A name for an area is definitely not just randomly spoken, but also has its own stories. And also for the names of areas in Jakarta. These are the part 2 of the origins of area’s name in Jakarta. Check this out!

The Betawi people used to name it “Kampong Utan” because it was still a part of forest area (utan: forest). In 1929, the Dutch built an airport and dormitory for their armies with Major rank. The unique part was, when the Indonesian people wanted to go to this Kampung Utan and been asked, “Mau ke mana? (where do you want to go?)” they answered, “Ke rumah mayor (to the Major’s house).” So then they made it short as Kemayoran.

Kebayoran has two areas, Kebayoran Lama and Kebayoran Baru. The name Kebayoran itself came from Betawi language, kebayuran, means the container of bayur woods. The wood was known as strong and anti-termite. In 1938, the Dutch Governor planned to build an international airport in the area where now known as Kebayoran Baru. But the plan was cancelled. While for Kebayoran Lama, the area has Rawa Belong, Palmerah, Permata Hijau, Pondok Indah, Lebak Bulus to Ciputat. Even Pesanggrahan was also included in Kebayoran Lama area, but then it was separated in 1990.

The area known for its traffic jam and flood was a jungle with wild animals before. Everyone who passed around his area often attacked by those animals. The people then wanted to secure themselves by building garagol. Garagol is a Sundanese language, means a trap made from sharp spears. But the people called it as Grogol, so then it became a habit calling it with Grogol until now.

Warung Buncit
Do you know that Warung Buncit was named after a Chinese man that literally having a bloated stomach? (buncit: Indonesian language for bloated stomach) Yup! He had a warung (Indonesian language for traditional shop) selling household needs, groceries, and tools. The business then successfully boomed and known by many people who then called it as Warung Si Buncit (the shop owned by the Bloated Man). Then many people just called it Warung Buncit and it lasts until now.

Located in East Jakarta, this place was a forest and swamps. According to Zaenuddin HM on his book “212 Asal Usul Djakarta Tempo Doeloe”, this area was wet and getting watery even in dry season. After the Mataram War and having expansion in Dutch colonialism era, this area then built for housings. Since then, people started to call this area as Rawamangun because this swamp (in Indonesia: rawa) was built (bangun/mangun is Indonesian language for build) with a lot of housings. So unique!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina