The Origins of Area’s Name in Jakarta (Part 4)

The Origins of Area’s Name in Jakarta (Part 4)


Last but not least, this is the part 4 of the origins of area’s name in Jakarta! Keep loving our city by getting to know it better with Check In Jakarta’s updates.

Karet Tengsin
Long ago, there was a Chinese man named Tang Teng Sien. He was a wealthy and generous man. His kind personality made him popular in his neighborhood so everyone called the area as Teng Sien. By any chance, this area was full of rubber trees (or called pohon karet in Indonesia) so it was then called Karet Teng Sien, which now known as one of the areas in Golden Triangle.

This name came from a beautiful girl named Tubagus Letak Lenang. A very pretty daughter from Banten Sultanate, who made many gentlemen wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, in order not to hurt any men, she chose to commit suicide. Until now, her tomb is still in this area and called Ibu Bagus.

This name came up from a title Wiraguna, from Banten’s Sultan Abunasar Abdul Qahar (the son of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa) to Hendrik Lucaasz Cardeel, the first landlord on that area. So then the area was called Wiraguna. But as time goes by, people call it as Ragunan.

This name was originated from Ende Awang, a Melayu Lieutenant who dedicated herself to Dutch companies in colonialism era. She had many subordinates and lived in an area where now known as Cawang. The area was called Ende Awang, then anyhow, people pronounce it as Cawang as time goes by.

Lebak Bulus
This area located in South Jakarta apparently has its own meaning. From Indonesian word “lebak” means valley and “bulus” means turtle. It was called with it because the land contour here was not flat. It was also surround by two rivers: Grogol River and Pesanggrahan River, where there were so many turtles on each side of the rivers. That’s why people called it as Lebak Bulus.