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The Pancake Co. Spoil Your Tongue with Fluffy Pancakes

By Isny Dewi R

16 September 2019

The Pancake Co. by DORE serves fluffy souffle pancakes.

Who loves pancake? Have you had souffle pancake? If you haven’t yet, then you should visit The Pancake Co. by DORE. Previously, DORE was already known for its delicious premium cheesecake. Located on the basement floor of Plaza Senayan, this new cafe was officially opened last April and is the first outlet in Indonesia.

The Pancake Co. has a pastel interior with neon lights that create a comfortable and contemporary atmosphere. For photo enthusiasts, you should try to selfie in front of the words "Love Is That Warm and Fluffy Feeling Inside" which is a favorite spot at this cafe. In accordance with the neon pink writing, the signature menu here is souffle pancake.

Photo Source: Instagram @pancakecobydore

The Japanese souffle pancakes are known to be delicious because they are served warm with fluffy texture. What distinguishes this type of pancake with pancakes in general is that they are thick, bouncy, and melt once you eat it. This is because souffle pancake is made using egg white batter whipped until it fluffy. Pancakes must also be made when it will be eaten to keep the bouncy texture.

For those who have never tasted souffle pancake before, you can try Souffle Pancakes Original (Rp. 88,000) which is also become the most favorited at The Pancake Co. by DORE. This menu consists of two thick pancakes served with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and nama cream, and powder sugar on top of the pancake. Besides Original, other souffle pancake options that are no less tasty include Choco Banana, Choco Berry, and Fruit Berry.

Photo Source: Instagram @pancakecobydore

If souffle pancakes still not enough for you, The Pancake Co. also offers main dishes such as Four Cheese Risotto (Rp. 89,000), Classic Carbonara (Rp. 89,000), Chicken Katsu with Japanese Curry, Truffled Steak Donburi (Rp. 105,000) and the quite unique one Chicken Rendang Fettucine (Rp. 85,000).

To refresh your throat, you can order Iced Uji Matcha Latte (Rp. 55,000) or Choco Noir Blended (Rp. 55,000). There are also coffees, teas and smoothies. Here, you can still enjoy a selection of delicious cakes from DORE By LeTao which are displayed in front of the dining room.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @pancakecobydore

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The Pancake Co. by DORE
Plaza Senayan, B1 Floor, Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:

Setiap hari: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB