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The Pride of Katulampa Village

By Isny Dewi R

20 August 2018

Komunitas Peduli Katulampa always keep Katulampa clean.

What’s on your mind when you hear about Katulampa? You must be think of a dam which always be a highlight when rainy season come. But, there is the other side of Katulampa you should know. In a village in the bank of Katulampa there is a group of people who call themselves as Kompak, Komunitas Peduli Katulampa.

The establishment of Kompak who dominated by the young ‘champions’ started in 2012. In that time, a group of young people in Katulampa village built a group named Kamboja. But, their activities tend to be negative. Saw that situation, one of Kamboja’s member, Yanuar, worried about the future of his fellow friends.

In 2014, Yanuar invites a facilitator, Kang Lutfi Kurnia or mostly called Kang Uut to raised their awareness and ask them to built a community. Although Yanuar’s friends didn’t want to heard any directions from Kang Uut, but slowly their attracted to tried and start to do positive activities. The first thing they do was cleaning their village and get excited when Katulampa’s people who usually indifferent to them, suddenly support them. They help a lot, from giving food, books donation, even provides a place for Kompak.

Indeed they are tired, but see all people smile and support make them feel so happy. People trust them to organize and clean the village, to arrange some events. Besides a base, Kompak has also a library for anyone who want to use.

Photo Source: @kompakofficial

Pick up trash from Katulampa’s people and clean the Katulampa river are two main Kompak activities every week. Now, Kompak not only trusted to organize the village, but also trusted to arrange small business for their independence. From selling coffee, clothes, to their handmade from recycle.

What they hope for Kompak are that Kompak can keep the solidarity and helpful for others, as well as their small business can grow, so it can helps Kompak’s members who dominated by dropout-kids.

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Komunitas Peduli Katulampa