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The Quality Batik Collection by Batik Keris

The Quality Batik Collection by Batik Keris

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Entering Ramadhan month means Moslem people will celebrate Eid al-Fitr. In this moment, usually a lot of people will buy new clothes to wear it for gathering with their big family or neighbors. Batik Keris can be your choice to hunt for new outfit. It will be nice to wear batik for this big day since it is also the Indonesian cultural heritage that you can make it everlasting by wearing it.

Batik Keris also has Ramadhan collection with modern design that will keep you fashionable. The Batik Keris collection can be worn by all ages, from men, women, teens, to kids with various fabrics from silk, primisima, polyester, and many more. Besides the ready-to-wear collection, Batik Keris also sells the batik fabric so you can make it with your own design by yourself.

Batik Keris is founded since 1947 and keeps developing from generation to generation and still exist until now. Although it is considered as an ‘oldie’ brand, but the batik quality of Batik Keris is still consistent and of course comfortable to be worn. Besides clothing, Batik Keris also sells handicrafts using batik as the main material such as bag, wallet, hand fan, to decorations. So, what are you waiting for? Just shop at Batik Keris!


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