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Teach Children Valuable Lessons with Fables

By Eskanisa R

29 August 2018

The Rainbow House of Storytelling using fables as educational media for children.

You probably hear thousand tales, from Indonesian folklore, like Malin Kundang, West Sumatra folktale about ungrateful son to the modern fairy tale like Cinderella. Can you guess how many people do storytelling nowadays?

Like we are talking about counting on our fingers, too little. Meanwhile, storytelling has amazing benefits, like build an unbreakable bond with child, give them opportunity to learn new information as well as developing children’s imagination also motivate them to love read.

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Established in 2010, this unique community successfully support dozens people who cares with child education using also distinguish approach, fable, folklore, fairy tale and other fantastic stories for children.

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Rumah Dongeng Pelangi (The Rainbow House of Storytelling) using storytelling as perfect, fun way to teach positive things, like their routine agenda, Panggung Boneka, Dongeng Charity and Satu Kakak Satu Adik. Dongeng Charity provide education in fun ways for orphans, children who were separated from their families, children with disabilities through children books, songs and games.

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While Panggung Boneka provide storytelling event in PAUD, early education for preschoolers and Satu Kakak Satu Adik is a charity programme involving society become their caregiver for a whole day.


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