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The Rise of Ad Blocking and How to Deal with It

The Rise of Ad Blocking and How to Deal with It


Ad blocking is one of the ways to filter or to get rid of advertising content that is usually seen in certain sites. Ad blocking can be done with installing an additional app that has a function to block an ad in a site, usually in the form of image, sound, video, pop-up window, and others that tend to annoy internet users.

But, this ad blocking is also costing the product owner and the advertiser. Because of that, there are several product owners that also block the site content for the internet users who activate their ad blocker app. So, to access the site, they have to disable the ad blocker app first.

That is one of the solutions to fight against ad blocker users. The other way that can be done is to use your creativity with combining design, technology, and ability to build advertisement through several channels and vendor. It means you have to make ads in many forms so you can still engage future customers to reach your target.

For example, your video ad is blocked by the ad blocker, but you still have another stock of ads in other form that isn’t detected by the ad blocker. Like the native advertising that is rising now. Besides native advertising, you can also take advantage of content marketing such as advertorial. So, don’t give up easily on handling ad blocker user, yes?