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The Secret Benefits of Durian

By Eskanisa R

29 August 2019

Secret benefits of Durian.

Known as the King of Fruits, durian with pungent smell has more benefits than you think. It becomes main reason some public facilities advise someone not to bring durian. Hence, behind the smell, durian offering all nutrition to improve your health.

1. Energy Sources

Do you know durian rich in carbohydrate and protein? Carbohydrate is main source of energy in your body while protein helps reduce hunger and food craving throughout the day. Despite of carbohydrate and protein, it is highly recommended to eat durian in moderate amount. The reason is eating any kind of food with high carbohydrate, protein and fat can lead to weight gain.

2. Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

Besides keep you full throughout the day, protein in durian also keep your blood sugar in check. Durian also known for its manganese which plays a role in blood sugar regulation.

3. Maintenance of Healthy Teeth and Bone Strength

Phosphorus and calcium play vital role in maintenance of healthy teeth and bone strengthening. You can also find both in piece of durian. Along with that, there are also potassium, Vitamin B6, B1 and B2 to keep your bone and teeth strong. So, no worries to eat your favourite fruit within moderate amount.

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