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The Unique Tempe Cake from Lady Eve Patisserie

By Isny Dewi R

13 December 2019

Lady Eve Pattiserie always consistently produces delicious cakes with the highest quality.

After successfully selling various delicious cakes online since 2013, and opening their first offline store in Gading Serpong in 2017, Lady Eve Pattiserie opened their second cake shop in Terogong area, Cilandak, South Jakarta, last October.

You can come right away, sort out which cake you want to eat immediately at the cafe or take home. The most favorite cake menu here such as brownies, cookies, and travel cake, always succeed in making customers hooked. If this is your first time trying Lady Eve Patisserie’s cake, this cake shop always provides testers for every cake they offer.

This cake shop in South Jakarta always consistently produces delicious cakes with the highest quality according to its concept of "good quality desserts with a unique pairing of flavors and concepts". The most interesting thing from Lady Eve Patisserie cake is its travel cake variant, which is priced at around Rp 125 thousand, such as Carrot Travel Cake, Lemon Poppy Cake, and Earl Gray Cake.

Photo Credit: Instagram @ladyevepatisserie


Lady Eve Patisserie recently also released their newest cake which is very unique because it uses tempeh as the main raw material. So far, tempeh is known as a savory dish, not as a dessert. But with the concept of pairing flavors, Lady Eve managed to combine raw materials from East and West. 

This tempeh cake uses white chocolate couverture as a flavor balancer. For the filling, Lady Eve uses coconut crème brulee which produces soft texture and creamy savory taste. This cake also uses coconut brown sugar for creating distinctive sweetness and texture. As for the decoration, they use chocolate tuile with a sprinkling of tempe crackers to give an elegant and rustic impression. You can bring Tempe Cake for Rp. 375,000 / whole cake.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @ladyevepatisserie


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