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These 4 Items You Can Get with Low Price in Pasar Baru

These 4 Items You Can Get with Low Price in Pasar Baru


Many peoples in Jakarta may be familiar with Pasar Baru. This place is the oldest shopping center in Jakarta that had been around since 1820. If you want to visit here, you better come in the morning, so you will satisfy exploring this great shopping area.

On the left and right side Pasar Baru Street filled by stores which selling any kind of clothes, tailoring equipments, shoes, and department stores. Check it out for interesting places that you have to attended when visiting Pasar Baru!

1. Salon Equipments
You can say Pasar Baru is the heaven of salon equipments. If you come to this place, you will find a building located on the left side of Jalan Pasar Baru where stores that offering salon equipments with low price are. One of it is Sentosa store. The store is so crowded. You can find any cosmetics to scrubs here.

For branded hair toning offered only Rp68.000,-. There is also hair dryer ranging from Rp76.000,-.

2. Second Clothes
If you looking for vintage clothes, then you should go to Metro Plaza that located on the right side of the road. There are 150 stores here, situated at the third floor, sell imported clothes from various countries. Starting from children clothes, to adult you can get with low price, ranging from thousands to thousand hundreds Rupiah.

Although the clothes are second, but the qualities are still good. But, you have to choose it wisely.

3. Shoes
You can also find various kind of shoe stores at Pasar Baru. Vrious kind of shoes and slippers both for men and women you can find here. Paced pantofel leather shoes for men sell with price R p400.000,-. While wedges offers from Rp 239.000,-.

4. Textiles
If you have tailoring hobby or have textile business, Pasar Baru is the right choice to visit. Starting from plain to fancy textile you can get here. Pronto Moda is a must-visit store here. Fancy textil to make kebaya with length about two meters you can get only Rp500.000,-. There is also plain textile starts from Rp10.000,- per-meter.