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These 5 Local Cloth Masks Make Your Appearance More Fashionable

By Isny Dewi R

30 August 2020

If you are bored with the same face mask models, maybe you should check these mask designs offered by five local brands.

Photo source: Pixabay
In a transition period like now, maybe many of you have returned to work in offices. Even so, you are still required to comply with health protocols, one of which is wearing a mask. Like it or not, face mask have now become part of everyday appearances.
If you are bored with the same face mask models, maybe you should check these mask designs offered by five local brands. Besides being unique, these masks are guaranteed to support women appearance because they look fashionable. Curious? Check out the details below!
1. Roemah Kebaya Velga
In addition to have a wide collection of kebaya, Roemah Kebaya Vielga also offers a collection of cloth masks with very Indonesian motifs. Like during the celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day some time ago, Roemah Kebaya Vielga issued masks with a red and white theme. There are also masks with beautiful colorful flower motifs.
Photo Source: Instagram @roemah_kebaya_vielga
The price of Roemah Kebaya Velga’s masks is priced starting at Rp 150 thousand to Rp 450 thousand. To see the available collections or place an order, you can visit Roemah Kebaya Velga website or call their WhatsApp number listed below.
Roemah Kebaya Velga
Phone: 0812-9355-7559 (WA only)
2. Tioria by Caramia
Tioria is famous for its unique scarfs because of its cute motif and designed using digital printing. During the pandemic, this local fashion brand also produced cloth masks that are no less unique. Just look at the Instagram account @tioriabycaramia.official, there you will find various cloth masks with adorable motifs such as unity in diversity, Jakarta Abstract, bajaj, food carts, Kota Tua, etc.
Photo source: Instagram @tioriabycaramia.official
The price of Caramia-made masks is priced at Rp 40,000 to Rp 50,000. You can buy it through Tioria official store on Tokopedia.
Tioria by Caramia
Phone: 0858-8870-0709 (WA only)
3. Eureka
This local brand offers cloth masks with batik motifs that are no less unique. With attractive basic colors such as maroon, peach, to blue rayon, guaranteed to make your appearance more fashionable. Plus, Eureka’s masks are great with bright colored outfits. Regarding the price, Eureka sells its masks starting from Rp 49,900 to Rp 59,900. You can order it through Eureka official store on Tokopedia or on their official website.

Photo source: Instagram @eureka.official
Phone: 0811-9917-179 (WA only)
Instagram: @eureka.official
4. Biyan
The designer who is famous for the luxury in his fashion collections also produces cloth masks with special motifs. The mask with emboss accent was inspired by the beauty of Sumba Island. The mask made by Biyan is priced at Rp 150 thousand. You can buy it directly at Biyan offline store at Pacific Place or Plaza Senayan.
Photo Source: Instagram @biyanofficial
Instagram: @biyanofficial
5. ATS the Label
This local fashion brand also released cloth masks with simple motifs but still looks unique. The masks made by ATS the Label come with soft colors and earthy tone nuance. Combined with casual clothes such as t-shirt and denim, still looks great. For the price, ATS the Label starts from Rp 25,000 to Rp 69,000. Purchases can be made through ATS the Label official website or its official stores in several e-commerce sites.
Photo Source: Instagram @atsthelabel
ATS the Label
Instagram: @atsthelabel

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