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These Accounts Ready to Enliven Your Timelines

By Eskanisa R

20 August 2020

Definitely cause gut-busting!

Photo source: freestocks - Unsplash

In recent years, Twitter became one of the popular social media platforms widely used by users around the world. In spite of the fact that its fame has dimmed for a while, people keep coming to find lots of interesting topics back and forth. To make your timelines vary more, ensure to follow these following accounts.

1. Bintang Emon (@bintangemon)
Photo source: @bintangemon
Winner of Stand Up Comedy, Bintang Emon shares informative stuff through humorous contents including series of #DPO or Dewan Perwakilan Omel-Omel, COVID-19, and Novel Baswedan case. Jokes causing laughter, straightforward definitely make his contents are easy to understand. Join with his other one million followers to enjoy his humorous content.

2. Handoko Tjung (@handokotjung)

Photo source: @handokotjung

If you have a bad day, ensure to take a peek into this account. Handoko Tjung shares real-life content which also causing a laughter. Once you read his tweet, instantly make you realize how relevant the topics with real-life situations. Besides, you can also find motivational tweets that help to handle your bad mood.

3. Only in Indonesia (@CrazyinINA)

Photo source: @CrazyinINA

This account summarizing the uniqueness of Indonesia in humorous content—photos and videos that will definitely make you laugh out loud. With more than 200 thousand followers, @CrazyinINA shares ridiculous behavior that can only happen in Indonesia.

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