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Thing You Need to Know Before Starting a Start-up

By Eskanisa R

11 June 2019

Essential things you know before starting a start-up.

Nowadays, start-up becomes something attractive that people tried to run to make new innovations. It requires a long process, especially for its founder. Here are some things you need to know before running a start-up as your field of money.

1. Vision

It surely requires a lot of money to build a start-up, but money isn’t the only one problem for any founders. Before decided to run this kind of business, you need to know if you already have a clear vision, is it what people need in real life of not? Do not just follow the trend.

2. Target Market

After know your vision as well as mission, it is time to know your target market. It can be easily identified through how good you can handle problems around you, how good you can give a win-win solution for those problems. Because, the trend always changing every single times. Know what they need, or you can learn from your competitors and find your own problem solver for their problems.

3. Branding

Successful is inseparable from great branding and it should be carried out continuously by the business people themselves. Presence of branding certainly helps to attract market, increasing selling as well as signature of your business. Use the right platform to get potential customers and keep the loyal ones to continue using your products or services.


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