10 Things You Should Know About Bundaran Senayan Statue

10 Things You Should Know About Bundaran Senayan Statue


A lot of monuments in Jakarta make people tend to name those monuments with easily spelled nickname. For example, Bundaran Senayan statue, the man statue lifting torch. Do you know some facts behind it?

1. The real name of this statue is Pemuda Membangun statue.

2. Often called with Pizza Man Statue, or the statue of Pria Pembawa Obor (The Torch Carrier).

3. Pemuda Membangun Statue was made to give an honor for the youngsters who took parts of Indonesia’s development.

4. The making of this statue symbolized the beginning of Sumpah Pemuda although it was inaugurated a month later.

5. The torch lifted by the man means a symbol of youngsters’ spirit, which expected to never die just like a flaming fire.

6. Pemuda Membangun statue was made by Bureau of Insinyur Seniman Arsitektur or called ISA (Engineers Architectural Artist). The sculptors were Imam Supardi and Munir Pamuncak.

7. The cost of this statue-making was handled by Pertamina, a gas and oil mining company.

8. At that moment, Ibnu Sutowo, the Pertamina’s CEO who was the 3rd Minister of Oil and Gas, also took part on this statue making.

9. The maintenance of Pemuda Membangun statue is the responsibility of the Landscaping Services of DKI Jakarta and the Fire Department.

10. This statue was placed on the intersection of Sudirman Street, Pattimura Street, Senopati Street, Hang Lekir Street, and also Asia Afrika Street, because it seemed to be the right and strategic area to build this big statue to be a monument of admiration.