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Things Make Each Human is Unique besides Fingerprints

By Eskanisa R

03 January 2020

Body parts make each human is unique.

Did you ever heard every human being has different fingerprints even the identical twins ones? As Medical Daily stated, there are several other body parts make you different from 7.7 billion people in the world.

1. Tongue

Size and shape of each person’s tongue is different. It known has small buds contain more than 10,000 censor. Buds also has microvilli or microscopic hair. Along with fingerprints, moulds of tongue are potentially used as biometric forensic needs.

2. Ears

What makes your ears different from others? The answer is shape including curse of the auricle and the edges. Mark Nixon, a biometric expert from University of Southampton said 99.6% of ear shapes are very unique and distinguish one person to others. Nixon also said age will not change someone’s ear (shape). In contrast to fingerprints which change after the injury, changes of your ear will only occur in auricle (slightly decrease along with aging), but shape remains the same.

3. Iris

Iris is the muscle in the eyes located behind cornea and serves to regulate size of pupil also giving colour to the eyeballs based on amount of melatonin. The colour and structure of iris formed by DNA since in the uterus. Each person has different iris based on degeneration of folding membrane tissue before they born. That what is make iris has distinguish, unique structure.



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