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Things that Bank Considers When Approving Credit Card Request

By Isny Dewi R

24 February 2020

Credit card have a high enough risk, so banks have their own appraisals for each credit card application request that comes.

Until now there are still many people who are interested in applying for credit card to the bank. Not without reason, if used correctly, credit card offers many advantages and convenience when doing financial transactions, especially for those who have high level of financial transactions.

The more people who apply for credit cards, the more stringent policies issued by banks to approve credit card ownership. Credit card have a high enough risk, so banks have their own appraisals for each credit card application request that comes.

If you also plan to apply for a credit card, make sure you understand the following as quoted from, so that your credit card application is approved.

1. Complete Your Documents and Requirements
As submission for banking products in general, credit card applications must also be done by providing a number of documents and requirements requested by the bank. Although each bank has specific policies related to this point, generally, banks will require credit card applicants to fulfill the following documents and requirements:

- Minimum age 21 years when submitting a submission
- Work and have a minimum income of Rp 3 million / month
- ID card photocopy
- NPWP photocopy
- Saving / checking account photocopy in the last three months
- Original salary slip and SKP (for employees)
- SIUP and TDP photocopy (for entrepreneurs)
- Other credit cards photocopy (if any)

Make sure you meet all the requirements and complete all the documents, so that your credit card application process runs smoothly.

2. Credit History
This is one of the important factors that determine the success or failure of your credit card application. Various records of your credit history in bank can be seen through the Debtor Information System issued by Bank Indonesia (BI).

If you have a good credit history, this will not be a problem in your credit card application process. However, if your credit history has a problem, whether in the form of arrears or undisciplined in paying installments, then most likely your credit card application will fail.

3. Total Monthly Earning
As mentioned above, credit card pose a great risk to the bank as the issuer. Therefore, bank need to ensure that you really deserve to have a credit card and be able to pay bills on time.

The bank will ensure this in several ways, one of which is by looking at the amount of income and also the type of your work. The bank will see your nominal salary through pay slip and saving account. Not infrequently, the bank will verify directly by calling or coming to your office.

It would be better if you include an account that becomes your payroll line when applying for a credit card, so that the bank can find out immediately how many your nominal income. In addition to finding out your income, the bank will also see the ability to pay in your finances.

4. Transactions in the Account
To find out your financial condition, the bank will be your personal account as one of the considerations. A healthy and smooth cash flow is usually preferred by bank, rather than a passive account with a fixed balance or even no balance. In addition, applying for a credit card at the bank where you are saving will also simplify your credit card application process.

5. Your Company Credibility
Not only your income and type of work, the credibility of the company where you work will also be a consideration for the bank. Basically, bank already have certain criteria for this company.

If you work in a reputable company with good credibility, then your chance of having a credit card will be greater. But, if your company is only a small scale or even has bad credibility, then your credit card application may be rejected.

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