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Things to Prepare a New Normal

By Eskanisa R

03 June 2020

Welcoming new normal with these essentials things due to COVID-19.

Photo source: Pixabay

After Large-Scale Social Restrictions, president decided to implement the new normal scenario. Thus, regional governments including Jakarta are allowed to prepare for this new phase due to COVID-19 pandemic. 
New normal itself refers to a new way of living our daily lives, work, and interactions with other people. Hence, we are required to learn and adapt our lifestyles including apply simple health protocol to prevent spreading COVID-19. Here are essential things you need to welcome a new normal.

1. Immune System
The most necessary thing you need to prepare is immune system. To fight against coronavirus, you need to boost your immune system with healthy foods and vitamins, vitamin C mainly as well as getting enough sleep and doing light exercises.

2. Personal Protective Equipment
Due to new normal, people are required to always wear mask if they are going to leave their homes. It is also highly recommended to put spare mask on your bag and bring gloves. Along with those, these personal protective equipment are equally important including jacket and helmet if you need to take ojek online (online-based motorcycle taxi). For those who back to work, ensure bring your own bottle water, food container, and cutlery from home. Then, for Muslims, do not forget to bring your own prayer items (mukena, sarong, and prayer rug) to prevent transmission of the virus. Last but not least, always bring hand sanitizer to make you easy clean both hands if there is no proper hand washing facility right before touching your face unconsciously.

3. Keep the Distance and Avoid Physical Contact
When you need to return to ‘normal life’ and doing daily activities outside, always remember to keep the distance and avoiding any kind of physical contact with others. No handshakes and hugs in this age of Coronavirus as well as have no social gatherings with friends or workmates. Wash your hands and change the clothes immediately when you arrived at home.

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