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Things You Can Do Following Accidents

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
18, March 2019

Accidents are one of unpredictable things in life. Therefore, as a driver or passenger, you must be careful. Whether being a cause or a victim, these following things you can do if you getting involve in an accident.

1. If you are victim, look carefully and remember vehicle number.

2. If you are driver, immediately turn on hazard (emergency) light, if you drive a motorcycle, pull over your bike to avoid other accidents.

3. Bleeding is common thing while accident happens, if you see blood on victim’s body, press it to stop bleeding. If you have first aid kit, cover bleeding part with cotton and bandages then press until it stops.

4. Along with bleeding, victims of accidents, especially motorcycles, can experience sprains. To reduce swelling due to tearing of ligaments during an accident, you can use elastic bandage to sprain part and place the part in a higher position than heart.

5. If fractures happen, try not to move broken part. Keep the head in line with body. Do not lift head, neck or spine of victim without paramedics help. While waiting for paramedics, you can make an emergency cantilever bending with plywood pieces, cartons, magazines or other flat surface stuffs, place it slowly under the broken part and tie with piece of cloth.

6. If you wind unconscious victim, lay his body on surface flat while lifting their feet higher than heart. Loose their tight clothing, if they use belt, take their belt off. While trying to wake them up by calling or tapping, check their breathing, if there is no sighs of breath, give CPR.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani