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5 Things You Have To Do in Muara Angke Nature Tourism Park

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
19, August 2015

Living in urban area makes you should have some various plans of what to do on weekend. Nature recreation place can be exactly the right spot for you to relax. Have you ever heard of Muara Angke Nature Tourism Park? Here are the tips for you to have a calming getaway there.

1. Stay Overnight in Mangrove Nature Tourism Park
The peaceful ambience of nature with a cool fresh air and mangrove around will wash away your fatigue. You can choose two types of staying place here, in a villa or a tent.

2. Ride A Boat or Canoe
You can instantly do water sports here with paddling your own boat or canoe. With the affordable price, you can ride around the lake for 40 minutes.

3. Bird Watching
There is a special area in this park for bird watching recreation. You can see birds with various species chirping at the area. Although you have to pay an extra charge if you bring your own camera, but just by using your smartphone camera seems enough to capture the beauty of their activities.

4. Mangrove Planting
If you rarely touch nature on weekday, planting mangrove can be a fun and healthy activity for your weekend. Not only you will help conserving the nature, you will also get new knowledge of mangrove cultivation.

5. Trekking
The calm ambience of nature suits best to be tracked by foot. Besides you can do exercise, this activity can also make you relax for a while from the busy and crowded town. So refreshing!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina