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This Community Invites People to Swapping Clothes to Protect Environment

By Eskanisa R

06 September 2019

Help protect environment with community of Zero Waste Indonesia.

Nowadays, zero-waste movement becomes a lifestyle. Regarding to the movement, this community encourages people to reduce waste (trash) of households. Zero Waste Indonesia (ZWID) is established in 2018 and offering exciting programs include clothes swapping. Seeing the problem of fashion waste which difficult to decompose, this program initiated by ZWID aims to reduce waste of unused clothes in your wardrobe.

You probably getting bored of your clothes and want to get a new one, through this program, you can get new ones without spending any money. Before you swap the clothes with other (people) collections, your proper clothes will be curated according to ZWID terms and conditions.


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Participants in this program will be given token (as money) to get their desired clothes. Besides clothes swapping, ZWID also has online discussing using WhatsApp group, consultations to apply zero waste movement at home and office and fun picnic.

Everyone can join this community especially for those who have same concern with Zero Waste Indonesia to help protect the environment. Let’s start a zero waste lifestyle with Zero Waste Indonesia!

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