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This is it! Shopping Guide in Mangga Dua

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
28, April 2017

For Jakartans, Mangga Dua area is a popular place to go shopping with affordable price. The Tourism and Cultural North Jakarta Department made this area as one of 12 coastal tourist destinations.

One of its most frequently visited corner is Mangga Dua business area.There are several buildings associated with bridges which makes easier for visitors who want to go from one buildings to another buildings. So the visitors do not have to go outside just for going around the business area.

If you are a first timer, visiting this place maybe will confuse you with regulations and links between the building. Here are the guidelines for you who want to visit Mangga Dua for the first time.

1. Orion Mall Mangga Dua
You can buy various devices or computer kit in Orion Mall. Most stores in this mall sell in retail. There are some stores become an official distributor from certain brand. But many of them also sell different brands in one store.

2. Mangga Dua Mall
From Orion Mall to Mangga Dua Mall, you just need to passed over the bridge, named Le Grandeur or usually known as Orion Bridge. You can find this bridge at the third floor of Orion Mall.

The goods in this mall are not much different from Orion. But Mangga Dua Mall have larger area, so you will find more stores offering choices of brand and product both in terms of type, specification, till the price .There are also several stores that sells clothing though not many.

3. Harcomas Mangga Dua
From Mangga Dua Mall to Harcomas you just have to passing over a bridge that connects both. The bridge is located at the third floor and wide enough.

Harcomas seems completing Orion and Mangga Dua Mall, this mall focus on computer reparation.

4. ITC Mangga Dua
If you come from Mangga Dua Mall and leads to this mall, the atmosphere changed dramatically. ITC Mangga Dua is a shopping center for various fashions. In this area, absolutely dominated with women clothings.

From Mangga Dua Mall, you can through Niaga II Bridge to ITC. The bridge is located at the third floor of Mangga Dua Mall. It is a little bit difficult to find because the bridge is covered with stalls traders and less direction sign. The easiest way is asked to the trader.

You can directly back to Orion mall from this mall by passed over Niaga I bridge or known as a Dusit Bridge. It is also a little bit hard to find the bridge, you have to through food vendors and several cloth stores.

5. Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua
From ITC Mangga Dua, you can easily continue shopping clothes in Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua, by passing Niaga III Bridge. The bridge is easy to find because many sign of it.

Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua sells similar goods with ITC Mangga Dua. But the difference, this place is also popular with various number of souvenir marriage.

So, no need to confused, even it’s your first time visiting Mangga Dua.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.