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This "Jangan Mudik" Parody Video will Definitely Make You Laugh

By Isny Dewi R

06 May 2020

Seorang warga asal Klaten, Jawa Tengah membuat video lucu berisi pesan untuk tidak mudik selama pandemi Covid-19.

Photo source: Instagram @ucup_jbsklaten


The government forbids people from going home to their hometowns. This is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to other regions. In fact, these rules have been contained in Article 6 of the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number 25 of 2020 which was signed some time ago.

In fact, even though it has been banned, many people remain determined to mudik with various reasons. Seeing this condition, an Instagram user from Klaten, Central Java made a funny video containing a message not to go home during Covid-19 pandemic.

The parody video "Jangan Mudik" was made and uploaded by @ucup_jbsklaten which tells of a son who misses his mother (simbok) and is eager to return to his hometown. He then calls his mother and tells his intention.


In the one-minute video, Simbok who is seen cooking with traditional equipment gets a phone call from his son. His son then told that he would go home. When she heard that, she immediately banned it. “Orasah mudik to le. Eneng kono sik. Lagi usum virus,” simbok says in Javanese which means "Do not going home. Just stay there. Now is virus season." Simbok also said that if his son mudik, there could be a risk of carrying the virus.

What made this video funny was when simbok send a selfie photo to her son and ask, "Piye le? Ayu po ora? " (How kid? Am i beautiful?). The video closes with a funny speech that is uttered to his son, “Rasah mulih le, sing penting duite mulih,” (don't go home, son, the important thing is the money is home).

In the upload's caption, @ucup_jbsklaten wrote that the video was intended to take part in the Klaten District Police Video Contest about Covid-19 prevention appeals with #nomudik. Until this article goes live, the parody video "Jangan Mudik" Ucup Klaten has been watched more than 270 thousand times.

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