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This Local Brand Has Unique Body Care Products to Try

By Eskanisa R

14 September 2020

Designed to be used without using hands directly.

Photo source: iralab

In the past years, local brands have been greatly developed. They seems like competing foreign brands to give the same quality standards at reasonable prices. Not only fashionista being spoiled with those local brands, but also beauty enthusiasts.
Among popular local brands nowadays, Dew It raising the roof recently. Dew It offering body care products with the first unique hands-free concept in Indonesia with adorable packaging. Those who look for easy-to-apply and affordable body care should try their products.
They three products has unique application to ensure women who do not have much time to enjoy self-care can use these products easily. Dew It in The Shower (Body Water Oil used after bath), Dew It on The Go (Body Polish used daily living), and Dew It Before Bed (Body Silk used before bed) are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They are all safe for all skin types, pregnancy, and nursing. 
For example, Dew It in The Shower is body water oil with sweet almond oil and soy bean oil provide moisture for 6 hours after spraying all over your body (after bath). While Dew It on The Go is body polish with SPF, olive oil, sunflower oil and niacinamide to protect your body from sun exposure. The packaging has rubber roller (applicator) to massage your body. Besides, the tip has on off mode to reduce the likelihood of spills when put on your bag.
Last but not least, product with body brush you need to put before bed, Dew It Before Bed – Body Silk. This is a life save for any dehydrated and dry skin. Simply because it has rich thick texture of cocoa seed butter, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil.  

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