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Three Best Culinary Businesses Owned by Celebrities

By Eskanisa R

15 December 2020

Delicious taste with filling portion and affordable prices.

Photo source: Donuthing!

Not surprisingly celebrities running their own businesses. In recent years, celebrities in Indonesia also trying to run their businesses including culinary from heavy dishes to light ones and here are three best culinary owned by your favourite celebrities to try.

1. Donuthing!

Photo source: Donuthing!
Running by famous couple, Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven, this one providing sweets in form of mouth-watering donuts which also available on food delivery apps. Specific aspect of this donut is unique texture, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
You can easily choose vary flavours, from filling donuts like Cheese, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Banana, Vanilla Custard and Rabbit Candy, Black Series as newest variant, traditional donuts like Icing Sugar and Caramel to Looku Donuth. At first glance, this donut has similar shape with Italian donut, Bomboloni, with big size and thick filling that fall on at the end of its donut. It also applies for the Icing and Caramel donuts, the generous topping covering the hole center of donuts. The sweetness then comes from its filling and the dough, just perfect choice for sweet-tooth! All priced at affordable prices start from Rp7.000. Go grab yours now!
Instagram: Donuthing!

2. Ngikan!

Photo source: Ngikan!
After the success of Sate Taichan, Rachel Vennya decided to expand her culinary businesses to Ngikan! As the name implies, this one providing crunchy fried fish fillet served with nasi liwet (aromatic spiced coconut rice) and vary sambal (spicy, chili-based sauce).
There are Ngikan Sambal Matah, Ngikan Oseng Mercon, Ngikan Acar Kuning dan Ngikan Saus Woku. A package of Ngikan has fish fillet, nasi liwet, and sambal priced at affordable prices for Rp20.000.
You can tell its nasi liwet garnishing with chili pepper and bay leaves has exquisitely delicious flavours and perfectly blended with boneless crispy fried fish. Each sambal also has different flavours. Fresh Sambal Matah, spicy Oseng Mercon, Acar Kuning with aromatic flavour or turmeric as well as Sambal Woku full of basil and ginger. Ngikan! also available on food delivery apps.
Instagram: Ngikan!

3. Ayam Jerit

Photo source: Ayam Jerit
Since 2016, Ayam Jerit by Titi Kamal pampering spicy and chicken enthusiasts through its traditional menu. Using ground curly red chilies and birds eye chilies, Ayam Jerit surprisingly developed an addiction spiciness which rather a sensation but also taste.
Besided the signature dish, Ayam Jerit, here also available squid and Cakalang fish, Mie Jerit, Fried Rice, Rice Bowl and Sundanese Grilled Rice start from Rp17.000. While waiting for your main dishes, you can also try delicious appetizers start from Rp12.000 like Crispy Chicken Skin, Crispy Jerit Mushroom, Crispy Chicken Wings or Chicken Drum Stick. Those affordable, quite enjoyable spicy dishes surely make you scream!
Ayam Jerit
Instagram: Ayam Jerit

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