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Three Financial Mistakes Most First-Jobbers Make

By Eskanisa R

05 January 2021

Avoid these traps for your financial success.

Photo source: Pixabay

Term of first-jobber is related to those do their jobs for the first time, not simply making money but also develop skills throughout their work life. Most of us, before stepping into our first jobs, are supported financially by parents. Right after working in our first jobs, we finally having enough income to pay our own expenses which is might be happiest time.
It is unfortunate that, most of us also have wrong idea of expressing joy that actually caused consumptive behaviours. What strategis are most effective for saving money? Here are three financial mistakes you need to avoid as we rounded up from vary resources.

1. Don’t Have a Financial Plan explained most common mistake first-jobbers make is have no financial plan. As a matter of fact, financial plan helps you achieving personal goals as well as correctly managed cash flow. For simple example, you want to get your master degree while working then get married. You can cut your spending to pay your tuition fees and creating a budget for married.

2. Don’t Have an Emergency Fund
As the name implies, an emergency fund is a source of ready cash for emergencies as the loss of job, illness, and other case of future mishaps that forcing you to pay a lot of money. The size of emergency fund will vary depending on income and cost. If you already understand your current cash flow, you can create a budget to save each month as emergency fund.

3. Hedonism
According to KBBI, hedonism is a thought that pleasure is the most important pursuit for an individual. Among first-jobbers, hedonic lifestyle is recently known to be thre trend that will affect their consumption behaviours. To tell the truth, quite a few are willing to take on debt here and there to fulfill their desire about the latest trend, either lifestyle, travel, food and more that they don’t really need.

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