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Three Selected Sushi Restaurants to Try in Senopati

By Eskanisa R

12 January 2021

Taste and ambience automatically make these restaurants popular.

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It is undeniable that sushi is one of the best known Japanese foods getting global foodies attention including Indonesians. In Jakarta, there are sushi restaurants popular among the enthusiastic foodies always packed with queue. In fact, Senopati area is possibly the center of sushi restaurants known for their diverse choices, delectable taste, and Instagrammable place as listed down below that we rounded up from vary resources.

1. Kintaro Sushi

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This second outlet of Kintaro Sushi located at Jalan Suryo No. 20, Senopati providing diverse mouth-watering popular Japanese dishes you need to try. Right in front of the restaurant, there is a Japanese-inspired garden with typical red wooden bridge and green plants like bonsai in some spots give peace, harmony, and comfortable look in the eyes. Not to mention the mesmerizing hallway to the main dining area full of lanterns for your perfect selfie. 
Inside the restaurant, you can also find a miniature bridge when ordering Sushi Bridge. Six different sushi you choose from the list served above a miniature wood bridge. There is also Sashimi Cabinet which also consists of six different fresh quality sashimi slices.
Gyukatsu, breaded, deep-fried beef cultlets wrapped with nori with super tender texture becomes one of their best sellers. Looking for something unique? Taste the delicacy of Yokohama Rolls dip in half-boiled eggs, Tamago Stick served with ice cream sticks or Uni Ikura Tuna Truffle with sea urchin provide nutrients for diet just like oatmeal or whole grains.
Kintaro Sushi
Address: Jalan Suryo No. 20, Senopati, South Jakarta
Phone: +622122773338
Instagram: kintarosushijkt

2. Okinawa Sushi

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Restaurant with stunning glass floor surely capture people’s attention. Carrying similar concept to sushi restaurants in Japan, Okinawa Sushi has beautiful cherry blossom ornaments hanging on their ceiling as well as beautiful flowers inside the glass floor with mesmerizing lighting.
Besides the unique mesmerizing concept, they present the food in eye-catching ways. From miniature stairs, houses to black plates resembling tree branches. Some dishes you need to try are Atama Salmon; grilled salmon head, Bom Bar Dir; combination of salmon, sea urchin, and foie gras, Aka Ebi Salmon Spicy and Beef Dynamite. 
Okinawa Sushi
Address: Jalan Suryo No. 28. Senopati, South Jakarta
Phone: +682210010089
Instagram: okinawasushi_id

3. Okuzono

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Last but not least, restaurant came with minimalist concept with strong wood elements and combination of neutral warm colors creating pleasant eye view. Pieces of ornaments, tatami for private dining area, and garden also available here.
To kick-start your journey, you can taste super soft and flavorful Warayaki Salmon served with special ponzu sauce. For the main dishes, try the Salmon Four, 3Kind of Toro Salmon Sushi, Maguro Spicy Roll or Lobster Uni Sauce served with creamy sea urchin sauce.
For more filling options, rice and noodles, you can taste Saba Miso Chazuke with savory broth to warm your tummy, Tori Maze Soba with handmade chili for spicy enthusiasts or Unagi Don, a tender savory grilled eel above the white warm rice. The open kitchen of Okuzono letting the customers see the cooking process.
Address: Jalan Suryo No. 1, Senopati, South Jakarta
Phone: +6221279335565

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