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Through The Unglamorous Life of the Glams, Birlan Invites Fashionista to Improve Creativity

Through The Unglamorous Life of the Glams, Birlan Invites Fashionista to Improve Creativity


Through The Unglamorous Life of the Glams event which was held September, 11th 2017 at Bradley’s Kitchen, Birlan Educational Journey invite any fashion enthusiasts in Indonesia to improve their insight, skill yet creativity with quality fashion show event.

Unfortunately, that high enthusiasm was not accompany with any fashion programs or standard International fashion event to provide knowledge of fashion industry which was growing so fast nowadays.

That enthusiasm encourage Birlan to make other interesting fashion event as new inspiration of work in fashion industry. Invite some popular names in fashion industry, like Alex Zulfikar Lalisang, Asky Febrianti and Lyla Andalucia, this “The Unglamorous Life of the Glams” last Saturday was expected to improve knowledge of every fashion enthusiasts in Indonesia as well as find their own signature.

Each of them, as popular fashion influencers, enthusiasts in Indonesia, stressing the importance of unique characteristics to get as much attention as possible from public.

Not only struggling process they have been through, they are also give the best trips and trick to improve creativity to remain work in this very competitive field in Indonesia. It cannot be denied that fashion is one of a dynamic industry in Indonesia.

Along with that interesting event, Birlan also facilitate young generation to improve their insight about International fashion through fashion travel and education in Europe. This first fashion trip in Indonesia invites young Indonesian fashion enthusiasts to come over fashion house, Milan also attending one of popular annual fashion event, Paris Fashion Week 2017. For further information about this fashion trip, please kindly check @birlan.fashion or @birlan.id!