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Tips for Building Great Web Design That Attracts Customers

By Eskanisa R

03 February 2020

Easy tips for building your own website that attracts customers.

Website becomes one of important things you need to make when decided running your own business. According to the Forbes, companies (shops) which have official websites are considered more professional among its customers.

Therefore, a great website is important to attract customers, help them out find products or services they need, and make them purchasing anything you offer thorough that website. Here are simple tips for building great web design that attracts customers.

1. Character

Make sure you find out what kind of website you want to create (based on your business needs). Is it a common blog, website for small or large company? Or a special branding website? Right after you decided the perfect one suite your (business) need, you can start with options you want to display on the website. For example, you want to build online store website to sell clothes, then you need to put photos, names of products, sizes and payment.

2. Logo, Font, and Colours

Font and colours are related to the first point. It simply because character of your brand can be seen from chosen logo, font, and colours. All those three help increasing brand awareness among customers and help them remember your brand among other brands. You can choose the eye-catching fonts, colours, and logo to be displayed on your website.

3. Information and Contact Details

Do not make them confuse while entering your website because the unclear navigation. Make sure you give clear contact details to make them easier reach you out while have questions about products or services you offer as well as delivering their suggestions after purchasing your products or services.

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