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Tips for Doing Yoga for Beginners

By Isny Dewi R

15 Nov 2019

Tips for beginners who want to do yoga.

Until now, yoga is still one of favorite workouts for Jakartans. This is proven from the many yoga studios that continue to appear in the capital city. Although increasingly popular, but apparently there are still many people who have never do yoga. If you are one of them and are interested in trying, here are five tips for beginners who want to do yoga.

1. Choose Class with Certified Instructor
According to yoga instructor Lisa Namuri, for beginners, it is recommended to attend classes with certified instructors. "Do not just follow the movements on YouTube or books. It's good to go to class with the instructor first and follow the direction of the instructor when practicing," Lisa says quoted from

2. Bring Equipment
One of yoga equipment that you have to bring is mattress. Usually, yoga studios already provide mattresses, but many people also choose to bring their own mattresses. Mattresses for yoga have different thickness levels, the thicker the mat, the softer the mattress is and you will be more comfortable moving on it.

Other important equipment that you must bring is a small towel to wash away your sweat and a drinking bottle to make it more practical if you feel thirsty.

3. Don't Force Yourself
Besides making the body more relax, yoga can also make your body more flexible while improving your posture. Even so, you are encouraged not to force yourself in doing yoga movements, just do it according to your ability.

Lisa added, "if there is one movement that makes us feel uncomfortable at first, it's good to stop immediately. Then ask the instructor if there is a wrong position."

4. Focus
Because it requires high concentration, you are required to focus on yourself when doing yoga. "Try not to think about anything during yoga. Just let go everything, because this is the time to listen to yourself and get to know yourself more deeply," said Riezki Aisyah, Yoga instructor at Purinawa Yoga School Cibubur, quoted from

5. Breathing Regularly
In addition to focus, you are also required to breathing regularly, because yoga relies on the power of breathing. Lisa again added, it is highly recommended to breathe regularly so you can also focus more on certain movements. In addition, you are also recommended not to be tense in the neck and face area.

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