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Tips for Finding a New Job during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

29 April 2020

Simple tips to finding promising job and survive amid COVID-19.

A lot of employees lost their jobs during COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, it cannot be denied those people and probably you need to find another new job to survive this pandemic and fulfil all needs. Here are simple tips for finding a new promising yet profitable job during COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Send Job Application

There is no reason to not send your job applications through email during this pandemic. Lucky us, there is a lot of companies requires to use email to apply for a job. While internet provides us myriad information, send your job applications as much as possible either by email, official website of your intended companies or job applications.

2. Looking for Digital Vacancies

Nowadays, plenty companies were started to try digital worlds. In other words, admins, social media specialists, digital marketing and other digital vacancies are needed by plenty companies. After send your CVs to intended companies, you can enrich capability of yourself with bunch free courses for digital fields on the internet.

3. Company Policies amid COVID-19

If you get great opportunity to do some interviews both online and offline, do not forget to ask company policies amid this pandemic. Is working from home becoming their priority? And other related policies for your and whole company safety.



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