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Tips for Finding Right Influencer for Your Promotion

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
21, October 2019

Like two sides of the same coin, business and promotion are inseparable from one another. Any kind of business, it mostly requires well-developed and well-executed promotion. Talking about business, especially online-based business, you can try a lot of forms of promotion like service (a rising figure on various social media to help promote your business). To make your promotion with influencer running well, here are some easy tips you need to apply.

1. Characteristic of Influencer

First thing first you need to consider before finding and choosing right influencer for promotion is pay attention to the character of the influencer you want to work with. Does the character fit your product (business) or not? For example, if your product (business) related to fashion, find the influencer who consistently uploading fashion content. That is important to ensure your promotion reaches right audiences (target).

2. Real Followers

Next one, after finding right influencer fits your products, make sure they have real followers. You can use, a website to find out the authenticity of followers on Instagram. Another consideration is engagement, besides likes, you can pay attention to the comments section. Usually, feeds with good engagement have a number of likes and comments proportionally with number of followers. Do not be easily tempted by influencers with a lot of followers.

3. Content

This one still related to the followers and applies for all influencers. There are a lot of influencers have a lot of followers but cannot create and deliver good content which attract their followers to take action (buy), so your promotion cannot run effectively. Good quality content can be seen from quality of photos, videos, and captions (also with good language).

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani