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Tips for Getting Late Check-out Facilities at Hotel

By Isny Dewi R

18 February 2020

How to get late check-out facilities while staying at hotel.

Hotels usually apply the rules for check-out at 12.00. However, it turns out guests can still stay in a hotel room for several hours because of certain needs. Such a situation is called late check-out. Guests are allowed to stay longer in their room with the agreement of the hotel. Then how can you get this facility?

1. Late Check-in
If you check-in late, then you are entitled to get late check-out according to the duration of the lateness. For example, you check-in at 16:00, while the recommended check-in time at 14:00, it means you are late for two hours of check-in. Then you have the right to get late check-out until 14.00 or get an additional two hours due to check-out time.

2. Hotel Occupancy
The hotel occupancy level also determines whether you can get late check-out or not. If the hotel is full of guests, the hotel will limit the late check-out or may not give it.

3. Not later than 18:00
Late check-out can only be done up to 18:00. Guests will usually be reminded to leave the room immediately before 18.00. If you check-out at 18.30, you’ be charged an additional fee. The fee will be charged for late check-out starting from 50 percent of the price of the room you occupy.

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