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Tips for Making a Memorable Iftar with Your Friends

By Isny Dewi R

09 May 2019

Tips for making a fun Iftar with friends.

One of many activities that many people love to do during Ramadan is Iftar together or usually called bukber. You definitely want a bukber event that you make or you visit more than just a regular gathering. To make a fun and memorable bukber, try these tips!

1. Choose the Right Day
You and your friends must have your own busy life. And usually, it's busy making it difficult for you and your friends to gather. Agree on the day when you and all your friends are don’t have other occasion, so you all can take time to attend bukber and none of them are absent.

The right time for bukber is the second and third week. Because in the first week, people tend to want to Iftar at home with family, whereas in the last week many people have started mudik.

2. Choose the Right Place
If you bukber with not too many friends, like under 10 people, you can choose bukber at a cafe or a`restaurant. But of course your time would be limited, especially if the place is a popular place, because many visitors will come. If you want to be more comfortable and satisfied, make it at home can be an alternative. You and your friends can jointly buy food or cook it together or you can also use the potluck system (bring your own food from home).

3. Liwetan
The bukber moment at home will be even more fun with liwetan, which is a traditional way of eating where everyone eats rice with a variety of dishes on the same banana leaf. The moment of togetherness will be more felt with liwetan.

4. Exchange Gifts
To be more fun and memorable, you can add gift exchange at your bukber. Anyway, one of the virtues of Ramadan is giving each other, right? No need to give expensive gift, you and your friends can limit the gift price to a maximum of Rp 50,000.

5. Nostalgia
If you will have a bukber with your old friends who haven't met for a long time, it's certainly the most fun to talking about the past that you and your friends have passed. Usually, it’ll be more crowded when you have nostalgia with your friends, the laughter is muttering. Yes, it’s always fun when remembering the days when you were still struggling together with your old friends.