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Tips for Millennials to Manage Their Financial

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
08, January 2019

Financial conditions cannot be separated from simple financial plans you make from now. It is important to have financial goals to keep your monthly income on the right track and not to be wasted easily. These are following tips that can be applied for every millennials to manage their finance.

1. Bank Account

Prepare for your future can be done by this simplest thing, having two saving accounts. One account for daily needed and other for saving. You can also use the autodebet system for saving account. You can adjust saving amount right after make a monthly plan.

2. Financial Planning Every Month

Before sign for autodebet saving, it is highly recommended to make a financial plan every single month. If you are already know estimated amount you have to spend every month, you can set some money aside for saving.

3. Insurance

From many insurance options, health insurance is suitable for millennials. Insurance is a solution of various things cannot be ascertained when it happens to you. For example, you are having an accident and need to be hospitalized, with health insurance, you do not need to think about the cost. In other words, if you need protection, you should buy insurance.

4. Investment

Along with insurance, investments also considered as an expensive item. In fact, there are many investment options with minimal fund, such as mutual funds. According to, mutual funds is a collection of funds from investors which bought by various investment instruments such as stocks in many companies. In addition, mutual funds have smaller risk but higher benefit. You can even start to buy mutual funds start from Rp10.000, which can be easily found in several places certified by Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK).

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani